#lifehacks: get anyone’s email address
I hate all those impersonal, corporate mailboxes, like "office@", "contact@" or "kissmyass@", so I used to try lots of different ways of finding direct emails to people I wanted to connect with. At…

I hate all those impersonal, corporate mailboxes, like “office@”, “contact@” or “kissmyass@”, so I used to try lots of different ways of finding direct emails to people I wanted to connect with. At first I’d try to google phrases like “name” + “email”, but, as you can imagine, that did not prove to be very effective. So I started googling for sample emails of a given company’s random employee – such as adamsmith@google.com. Once found, you can use such a template to create, for example, Larry Page’s email address. Unfortunately this trick doesn’t work all the time and you can only find business emails this way (and FYI – that’s not Larry’s real email).

So I was stuck until one day I realised that a lot of people include their emails in messages on Twitter. Yes, we tend to believe that all of those tweets somehow disappear in the dark belly of the internets, so no biggie. “Yeah, who cares if I tweet my email, nobody will find it after couple of hours anyway”. Well guess what, that’s not true. The only thing required to find that “lost” email address is your prospect’s Twitter username. The magic formula you have to google is: site:twitter.com/@username “email”. Results should look like on my screenshot:


I’ve put Neil’s old email on purpose, so you don’t spam him ;) However, the email address you’re looking for should appear in one of the found messages. If not – then you have to manually check messages containing the phrase “email me at”. In some cases you can also try to google: site:twitter.com/@username “dot” “com”, as many people try to avoid data crawlers. It works 90% of the time and it’s superfast. Not getting a response doesn’t mean that the address isn’t correct – use email opening trackers such as Signals and find out who’s opening emails from you.

Bad news is: you won’t find Elon Musk’s email this way, the person must be using their Twitter themselves. In case you’re not successful with my technique you can try the other great tactics I learned from Rob Osbey:

You can learn more about that strategy on his blog: Find (Almost) Anybody’s Email Address

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  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/jigneshgohel Jignesh Gohel

    Nice article Greg but what is the meaning of such email id which is not directly given by its owner itself? I know the importance of email marketing and i would prefer to contact the person itself if i want to communicate with him (as it is mentioned in twitter conversation).

    • http://www.growthhacking.biz/ Greg from growthhacking.biz

      Jignesh, thanks for your comment. Nobody would complain if you provide something valuable, it won’t work for spamming.

      • Michal Marcinik

        How do you know that it would be valuable? You can judge from your own perspective.

        • http://www.growbots.co Greg from growbots.co

          I do my research :)

          • Michal Marcinik

            Damn, sounds like real #rocketscience

          • http://www.growbots.co Greg from growbots.co

            Check the post I wrote for a Lincoln’s blog: http://sixteenventures.com/startup-customer-development-hacks – it mentions some of my research strategies.

          • Michal Marcinik

            So it all comes to a landing page & socials in the end? If I understood it right: you start with LP/TT to gain attraction and then you try to track those who seemed to be interested? Okay, but they were on LP anyway and left there their data. So I understand the problem is in touching the base with those who answered/retwitted to our feed. And then we try to find their e-mail to push an offer, right? But, again, they were on your TT page, where, as I assume, you have put your LP address. So, if they were interested you would receive their data through LP. Damn, sorry for such confusion.

  • wiktorschmidt
  • http://sixteenventures.com Lincoln Murphy

    Awesome ideas… I was just playing around with this idea on http://topsy.com/ and got even better results than Google.

    • http://www.growthhacking.biz/ Greg from growthhacking.biz

      wow, http://topsy.com/ works much better! thanks a lot for sharing Lincoln.

  • Martyna Sroka

    I usually use Rapportive for that :-)

    • Geetha Singhee

      Isnt it time consuming for messaging 20-30 people a day using rapportive?

      • Martyna Sroka

        It may be, so I do it only for the highly authorative DA if I need to get the correct email address and other methods seem to be not working.

        • Geetha Singhee

          If you are looking to ways to cut down the time on rapportive research, You can try eMail Prospector tool, which requires Only the Name and company of your highly authorative DA. You can run it and get the whole list of verified e-mail businesses.
          If it interests you, You can go for a free trial – http://www.egrabber.com/TU423Et97

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  • Geetha Singhee

    Good post! Especially the boolean script to find e-mail address from twitter, that’s unique!
    Have you tried eMail Prospector tool , that gets you e-mail addresses of anyone in seconds?
    It’s recently launched and includes both the e-mail finding and verification feature that everybody craves for!
    You can try it for free here -> http://bit.ly/1aogbR4

    To know more about tool’s usage -> http://www.egrabber.com/emailprospector