Cold emails debunked - finally!

Cold email. Love it or hate it, it’s still the most effective way for outbound sales. In outbound sales, cold email is essential. But only when the motto is customer success starts with sales done right. Learn how to create and execute a scalable B2B cold email campaign. This ebook will introduce you to the world of effective outbound sales.

This guide to cold emails will reshape your outbound sales process. A must-read for any sales team.

Max Altschuler
CEO, Sales Hacker

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The Complete Handbook of Cold Mailing

How to Kick Off Your Outbound Sales



I've made a career out of growing companies, and no matter the stage your company is in, you're always trying to find an advantage that provides sustainable growth now and into the future. With this ebook, outbound sales may become your main advantage.

Matt Ellsworth
Growth at Distribution Team, 500 Startups

Doing outbound email correctly is just as difficult to do as it is effective. This book will save you weeks of time and bundles of money that you would have spent learning these techniques the hard way. This is a must-read for every entrepreneur!

Ryan Buckley
Co-founder and Head of Sales, Scripted

About the author:

Greg Pietruszynski, Growbots CEO: I'm a serial entrepreneur, was running 3 companies in China & Europe before Growbots and developed more than 200 different web/mobile products over last 6 years. Automation freak and growth geek, sales and marketing - that's my passion. I've been featured on KISSmetrics, Sixteenventures, GrowthHackerTV and more. I wrote this ebook because I believe that outbound sales can be done right, with customer success in mind.

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